Patrick Topping Makes Dublin Return with Bedlam @ District 8

Bedlam, one of the most recognised promoters in Dublin these days, have graced us with a monstrous group of acts this December ranging from Bakermat and Jonas Rathsman all the way to Gesaffelstein. This Saturday they bring over one of the rising stars of 2014, Patrick Topping, to one of Dublin’s finest venues District 8.

From being an fresh new talent on Hot Creations to the talk of the year with his 3 Beatport #1′s  ‘Forget’, ‘Get Beasty’ & ‘Voicemail’ Mr.Topping has come a very long way since his last visit to Dublin. Moreover, he not only held a residency with DC10 Ibiza the season just gone, but has also greatly influenced a huge portion of tracks put out in the last few months with his signature rolling bass-lines & static synth leads. Saturday will also see a huge local line-up on support including Marcus O’Sullivan, Jack Mason & Kobhi.

As always we’ve got you covered with a chance to win two free tickets, head over to our Facebook page to get involved!

For more information : Patrick Topping @ District 8 

5 for 15 : Part 1- Di Chiara Brother’s [Red Lunar]

Very excited to present today the first edition of our 5 for 15 mix series! As the name suggestions, over the next few weeks we’re going to be featuring a host of up and coming talent, 5 artists to be exact, which we feel are set for big things in 2015. The series will featuring rising talent from the likes of Get Physical, Steyoyoke & Poker Flat. However, up first are an Italian duo, brothers in fact, who’ve being making waves in recent months. The pair have won the plaudits of legend Hector Couto, who’s labelled them as the next generation of House Music (and also signed them to his new imprint Roush) and next week they will be dropping a killer new EP on Red Lunar Records, a new UK label, which has set about delivering only the finest in warehouse-ready House cuts. With a splendid one hour mix of upfront groovers and a tidy little interview to boot, meet the Di Chiara Brothers!

WWD : Hi guys, thanks for taking time to chat! Tell us about the new release on Red Lunar Records!

Not a problem, thank you guys for the interview!

Certainly. For this release we really wanted to stay true to our house roots. Where our other releases have tended to be driving with a very tech-house feel, this EP really portrays our love for house music.

WWD : It’s a brand new imprint, you guys have provided the very first release. What was it about the label that convinced you to sign the 3 track EP there?

Well we are good friends with one of the label owners, Jacky. He is a great guy! Our first meet was in Manchester where we played together for mute! at Sankeys, and ever since then we kept in touch. We firmly believe in him and what his intentions are with Red Lunar Records. There is massive potential there and we know they will do very well.

WWD : Previously you joined Hector Couto’s Roush family, how did that come about?

Roush is a beautiful family, and the people involved are very serious and professional. Hector had already heard some of our tracks and really liked our sound so one day, Antonio, the label manager, contacted us with Hector and asked us to do an EP for them! For us it was really a good opportunity, and we can’t thank them enough for that.

WWD : Hector has been waxing lyrical about you guys. What’s it like to have a legend like him supporting your work?

Hector is a fantastic guy, and very humble! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him and we are very grateful that a legend like him supports our work.

WWD : We see a lot of new artists appearing all the time, what makes Di Chiara Brothers special? Is there anything in particular you guys try to bring to the table?

Like you said, there are many producers and DJ’s alike emerging at the moment, and a there is a lot of talent! I do not know what makes us ‘special’ so to speak. All we do is try to bring as much energy as we can to house music…Energy that makes you dance!

WWD : Looking back on 2014 can you give us your top 3 moments as artists?

Our top 3 moments were when we were booked to play for mute! at Sankeys, the release on Roush, and the last was right here in Italy, when we played in Milan and received a huge welcome and appreciation from people from our home country.

WWD : Top track and most impressive Artist of 2014?

For us one of the best artists of the 2014 is certainly Sidney Charles, but other artists who we also rate very highly at the moment are Darius Syrossian, Hector Couto, Cuartero and Josh Butler!

WWD : One Goal for 2015?

Our goal for next year is to develop our sound and promote that sound of music worldwide!

WWD : Lastly, what does the schedule hold for the coming months? more new music? any big dates on the horizon?

In the coming months we have many releases and remixes due our on some well established labels, which is pretty exciting! We also have have several dates in Europe, so keep your ears to the ground!

Thank you for your time guys! ‘WHEN WE DIP’…BIG UP!

When We Dip Introduces: Solaire (Interview)

Italian trio Solaire (Serj Muller, Filippo Diamantini & William Vincenzi) have made quite an impression on When We Dip over the last few weeks. Largely due to their fantastic new EP Autoritratto on Mexican imprint Cohesive (sister label of Mexa) which caught our earbuds in just the right manner. Their brooding, energetic techno looks set to propel them to bigger things in 2015 and deservedly so.

With all that in mind and hot off the release of Autoritratto (Dec 1st) we caught up with the young trio to discuss their fledgling project and all it entails! Continue reading

Motor City’s music for the soul [Review]

Dublin finds itself in the midst of something special, a burgeoning movement brought to you by music aficionados, promoters who have been growing, venues which have been developing, Dublin is very much the place to be. While property values skyrocket, the true value of this old city remains embedded in these very people, their creative spirit, seeking the genre of music which brings a joy that goes beyond mere monetary value. It is the music that you and I live for, each night, each weekend.

November 29th welcomed the arrival of Germanys Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble to the revamped Twisted Pepper. A packed, all most over capacity, crowd was pleasantly treated to a wonderful assortment of tracks from MCDE, his eclectic taste whets the palette of even the most eccentric of music lovers, inextricably linking each beat expertly. His own Raw cuts were sporadically located between tracks of funk and soul, keeping the masses on their toes. MCDE really is that rare a talent, combining his excellent production with a finely honed mixing craft. While space was at a premium, no one had a care in the world, each lost in diverse melodies with only their own serotonin and positivity for company. An excellent night indeed…

Personal favourites included ‘ Send a prayer’, and ‘Raw cuts #5.

Words by Danny O

Einerlei – Escapism EP [Slipstone Records]

Leeds-based vinyl & digital imprint Slipstone Records have delivered only their second ever release,  a fine four track EP from Einerlei titled Escapism. Arriving in January, the release is headed up by ‘Sind Wir Echt Frei?’, an emotive techno cut with beautiful melodies and an ethereal atmosphere. It’s an intricate construction with top notch production to boot. A stellar opening to the EP, it hooks you from the start!

‘Berg’ & ‘Ensnared’, tracks two and three, share the same mystical edge, once more offering great depth and great use of the spectrum. With all three tracks, Einerlei provides a different musical path through his creative mind. With each track coming at +8 mins, they’re journeys we implore you to take!  Kesper finishes things off, keeping form with a tight remix of ‘Berg’, also not one to be missed!