Subject & Surge Present: Surgeon & TR\\ER at District 8

This Saturday, Subject and Surge have teamed up to bring three of the most exciting acts in techno to District 8. On Saturday, Dublin will welcome Surgeon and also Truss & Tessela who will be doing a naughty B2B as TR\\ER.

To anyone in the know, Tony Child needs little introduction but to those who don’t, he’s a man who pretty much defines the term ‘techno stalwart’. Under his moniker Surgeon (and many more), he has gained considerable recognition throughout his long and prosperous career, spanning roughly 20 years. He boasts multiple releases on the likes of Token, Hotflush, Soma, Tresor and CLR to name but a few and in fitting with the Subject crews criteria, he’s also a regular at Berghain.

Tom and Ed Russell are ten years apart and grew up in separate households because their parents split up when they were quite young. Funnily enough, they both went down the same path and earned the respect of their peers separate of one another. Known as Truss and Tessela, they combined a couple years ago to present TR\\ER, their B2B act that’s defined by hard hitting and gritty techno.

It will undoubtedly be a good night so make sure not to miss it. Tickets are €15 on the cheap and €18 at the door. The warm up for the night is yet to be announced.

You can get all the info you need and are able to buy tickets through the RA event page.

Room 19 and Strictly Deep present : Sidney Charles at The Twisted Pepper

Stepping back into the spotlight this Thursday night, is a man who has blown up all over the scene in the past year. Room 19 and Strictly Deep welcome him back to Dublin. Sidney “Hurricane” Charles… Yes that’s really his name.

Starting djing from the tender age of 15, His influences from soul & funk were soon changed in the late 80′s early 90′s when the classic 4×4 club sounds began to triumph through venues across the globe. It was then that Sidney really started to find his sound & place in the house scene.

From having a residency with the Tribal Session crew over in Sankeys Ibiza the past season to releasing two banging E.Ps on Moda Black & 8BIT Records, there seems to be no stopping this man.

As always we’ve got you covered for your chance to win two tickets for the event, Simply head over to our Facebook Page to get involved. Support on the night comes from a very raw local line up including Mark Gill, Kaily, Dorin Neacsu & the Strictly Deep residents.

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WWD Kick It With Kydus (Circus Recordings) [Interview]

Kydus is a name we became familiar with at the turn of 2014. Yousef was spinning Kydus tracks that were still in the making. ‘Free Spirit’ was a staple in these and each time you could hear it’d been tweaked here and there. Eventually Free Spirit saw it’s release on Yousef’s esteemed Circus Recordings and the hype around the EP was massive, deservedly so too!

2014 has been a big year for the Merseyside man so we stopped him for a chat and it seems 2015 is only gonna be bigger and better! Take a read of what he had to say and keep the eyes and ears peeled for Kydus in 2015!

So you’re a Liverpudlian. Red or Blue??

  • Red

What’s been on the agenda for you of late? We’re sure you’re busy. Studio?

  • Yeah i have been busy working on various eps & remixes and ive got 8 unsigned eps together out of the 10 am aiming for, for 2015

What kinda vibes can we expect from productions in 2015?

  • I must admit i do love my techno but as always I am putting my own stamp on things which is a must!

You’ll be featuring in our podcast series in the new year and we’re very much looking forward to this. Will we be hearing these projects in your mix?

  • I am aiming to feature all my unreleased tracks on the podcast for you guys and all the listeners

Obviously your biggest supporter to date surely must be Yousef? Did you know him before he signed your stuff or how did that relationship come about?

  • I have been a fan of Yousef from when i got my first set of decks, which coming up to 16 years ago, and being from Liverpool Yos is one of the djs you aspire to be like and to be as successful as. as what he as achieved is incredible. My relationship with him came about from when i signed my collaboration Ep with my good friend David Glass. “Get a taste of this dopeness” which was the first release on Ki Creighton’s Under No Illusion Recordings. thats when I first started to speak to Ki Creighton who is now also a really good friend of mine and who is a great friend of Yousef. We also did a collaboration ep together “Tijuana Ep” which Yousef signed and the rest is history as they say. haha

His Circus Records has housed your Tijuana EP and the summer’s massive Free Spirit EP, but has Yousef mentored you in any way aside from this? His industry knowledge must be immense.

  • Its amazing to have such an amazing dj/producer such as Yousef involved behind the scenes, Yousef is also mentoring me on a personal level and we speak on a daily basis. Yeah you’re not wrong there it’s immense

When we think clubbing in Liverpool we think Circus. Can you tell us a bit about what Yousef’s party has done for the scene in the city? Is there plenty of producers in the city breaking through like yourself now?

  • The Circus parties are immense and have been for the past 12 years now. Liverpool has always had a musical history and there is a lot of talent in the city and its not just on the House/Techno scene, there is a lot of great young EDM producers breaking through and not that its something that I am into myself but its something I respect alot. I think its safe to say that over the past few years merseyside on its own has produced some amazing producers such as the likes of David Glass, Lauren Lo Sung, Bontan just to name a few, plus likes of Tom Quinn, John Ross Jnr & Corey James showing the EDM big guys how its done. So safe to say Liverpool is thriving with talent and don’t forget my the amazing “Angel” who was behind probably the biggest track of last year with yousef “float away”.

2014 has been kind to you. When did you know it was going to be big?

  • When i was asked to be apart of Emerging Ibiza and the hype that “Free Spirit” was creating was immense

Highlight of the year to date?

  • Playing on top of Ushuaia Tower along side Steve Lawler & Yousef. That was something special

What would you be doing if you weren’t producing and spinning bangers?

  • To be honest I couldnt see myself doing anything else. Music has been in my blood from a early age from listenig to the likes of ub40, pink floyd to hip hop disco. My parents have lead me to this journey and I couldnt think of doing anything different.

This time last year you were probably busy getting the 2 EPs mentioned above primed and ready. Did they exceed your expectations?

  • I am happy with everything and feel really privileged to have come this far so quickly but i feel this is only the start of things to come, i am happy with having 2 Eps out on such an amazing label and also a lil secret for you guys, there is another one coming 2015.

The Kydus track we should keep our eyes and ears peeled for in 2015?

  • I would say “Flight One 11″ and my EP with “The Angel”

1 hidden gem that always does the business for you?

  • Lee Cabrera – Special 2003

Your favourite track of 2014?

  • Damian Muller, Andre Butano – Casa Del Aire (Circus Recordings) HUGEEEE

Kim Ann Foxman Debuts On New Imprint Firehouse

It’s nice to see Kim Ann Foxman step firmly out from under the wing of Hercules & Love Affair, a collective that has defined her career for the last five years or so, to hint at what she has to offer the world. The EP is the debut release from her on her own Firehouse imprint, a label that she’s set up in tandem with The Vinyl Factory to release her music and hopefully others’.

‘Classic’ is the first word that springs to mind to describe the sound of the A-side, ‘It’s All About You’. It’s a pretty tried and tested sounding house track, crossed in parts with squelchy acid lines. Using vocal snippets, glitches and intertwining melodies. It’s quite enjoyable and people will definitely groove to it. It sounds like she’s been quite influenced by Steffi’s album ‘Yours & Mine’.

The B-side, ‘Steal My Secrets’, is more down-tempo and tame than the opener, with very little common features between the two. The track opens with a typical breakbeat loop and repetitive piano riff that quickly evolves into a slow moving, Korg M1 sounding riff that remains throughout, steadily dragging on the beat. Bits of vocals come and go, and the lead elements are sometimes accompanied by a chirpy lead line or spacey pads. It’s quite pleasant to listen to and is definitely something for easy listening.

Out now through all major outlets.

Subject : Motor City Drum Ensemble at The Twisted Pepper

Stuttgart’s Danilo Plessow, better known to you and I as Motor City Drum Ensemble, lands in Dublin this weekend! The renowned German producer is playing for the Subject family at The Twisted Pepper on Saturday night. Plessow has sauntered to the summit of the underground over the last four years but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, he’s been rocking the drums since he was just six years old. Moreover, not many twelve year olds know they’re way around a sequencer! Right now, it’s fair to argue Danilo is at the top of his game having already showcased his talents numerous times via the infamous Boileroom, via a quality Dj Kicks outing and consistently through his unparalleled Raw Cuts series.

While Mr Plessow has a penchant for Detroit Techno, he also enjoys rinsing the finest that Disco and House has to offer, so Saturday should offer an intriguing spectacle for all. We recommend getting down!

For your chance to win two tickets for the event, head over to our Facebook Page! Support from Lee Kelly & the Pogo Residents. More info : |