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The Influence of Jack [Simion Interview]

Every now and then we’re introduced to a producer of serious quality; someone who towers over his contemporaries thanks to their many musical merits. One such individual to do exactly that recently is Simion; a young, prodigious producer who’s already tackled Ben Pearce’s ”What I Might Do” and has had his own tracks remixed by luminaries of the scene such as Betoko, Darius Syrossian and Paul C & Paolo Martini. Not bad for a man who’s only got a handful of releases on the likes of OFF and Hedonism to his name. With all this in mind, we thought it a good time to pick the brain of a man who we’re very confident you’ll be hearing more from over the next while. Here’s what he had to say…

The Berlin-hype – deserved or not?

Deserved, big time.

What was the last record you bought? What made you buy it?

It was the Duke Dumont Remix of the new Tensnake record ”Love Sublime“. I liked the original a lot, but for me it wasn’t playable. I couldn’t fit it into my sets. Duke Dumont did the right job for my taste.

Your discography is pretty small so far. Are you the kind of guy who values a quality over quantity approach?

Definitely, yes. It makes no sense hammering out tracks. I think every track needs time and it needs to be worked in the right way. So I am very happy how OFF Recordings and Hedonism Music work my songs.

When did you start producing then? Who were your early influences? Have these changed over the years?

I started quite a while ago and needed time to find my way and style. I am very much influenced by ’80s/’90s Chicago house and as well some ’70s Philly grooves. I love the jacking groove which you can obviously hear in my tracks.

How did your musical taste change since you started DJing/producing?

Life is all about change and evolution. So is Music. My taste changed over the years but I always kept the house vibe.

Do you pack different bags depending on where you are playing? Do you play differently for different crowds or have you your own style?

I don´t need to pack different bags. I always have my own style, to be honest.

What sort of set are you most comfortable then? How would you best describe your sound and DJ style?

Deep jacking grooves, warm vocals, it´s all about house music

What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt when it comes to production over the years?

Your first idea is always the best one. It makes no sense working on the same track again and again.

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind your remix of ”What I Might Do”? When did you decide you wanted to remix the track?

I loved this record and I always wanted to get my own edit done. I felt it could fit in with my jacking style with warm organs. ”What I Might Do“ was the biggest track of the last two years, and I was very pleased when I got the opportunity to do this.

Has Ben Pearce heard the remix then? What did he make of it?

To be honest, I don´t know. If yes, I hope he liked it.

What’s next up for Simion?

There is a new track called ”U+I“ comming out end of April on Hedonism Music, which will feature fantastic mixes from Betoko, Darius Syrossian and Paul C & Paolo Martini.


Moossmann Monday

Kicking this week off with a nice minimal Monday and introducing you to some homegrown talent, Moossmann. This one dropped in our inbox over the weekend and it may have gotten a spin on Saturday night. ‘Tis tasty!

Pereskia is one of Moossmann’s earliest tracks. The lead creeps in slowly with elements of acid-house evident  as the cutoff is tweaked. Then breaking down to an introspective middle section, the tension is built relentlessly before rising into a crowd-pleasing crescendo.

The man otherwise known as Daragh Murray, Moossmann has performed at 10daysindublin, has played support for James Holden and will feature in this year’s Beatyard festival, in association with Bodytonic. “My live setup and studio setup are practically the same at this stage, so it’s all very portable.” explains Daragh, plugging in an oversized touch-screen controller to his laptop.

This one from Moossmann has got us excited here at WWD and he’s certainly one to watch in 2014.

Pereskia comes with a tasty video too. Check it out below!

WWD Introduces: Nuff’ Said!

This week’s introduction is Galway man Oisin Campbell aka Nuff’ Said!. He first caught our eye with a tasty remix of Kenna’s ‘Love Is Still Alive’ and he’s back impressing once more with two tracks featuring on Avec Moi’s recent release In The Irish Room. The sound is deep and melodic with the production as clean as it comes. “On this’ is a real up tempo body-mover while “Zee Germans” is more underground affair. A scout through Nuff’ Said!’s Soundcloud page is very much advised. For now, enjoy the latest efforts from the Irishman below.

Pete Tong, Tom Flynn and Paul Rogers – Hear me now (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]

The interweb has been going mad for this one over the last few days. We decided that you needed to be kept in the loop! ‘Hear Me Now’ is new from Pete Tong, Tom Flynn and Paul Rogers. It’s a bass heavy, tech groover and the lead from a brand new EP on Pets Recordings. Very much a late night roof raiser, expect to see it rinsed far and wide.