Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink talk Crossing Borders [Interview]

After over a year toiling away in the studio Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink have released their eagerly awaited LP. Arriving on Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s respected Intec imprint ‘Crossing Borders’ is a 12 track ensemble of dark, pumping tech house & techno from two rising talents in the game. We caught up with the boys recently to get the lowdown on the release, to chat ADE, studio habits and more. It’s all below, enjoy!

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Halloween Weekender Preview Part 1: Claptone Interview

What a sumptuous weekend of music lies in wait for Dublin’s clubbing faithful (and further afield for those who will venture to the nation’s capital). The good fellows at Pod along with some help from up and coming promoters Sense have prepared quite the audio feast for the coming Halloween festivities. The Button Factory is the venue of choice with a pair of lineups that will satisfy all manner of music lovers. First up on the Friday is German house enigma Claptone. He will be followed on the Saturday by the joint talents of garage and breakbeat legend Zed Bias as well as the fast rising Woz.

It’s no secret we here at WWD are fans of the mystique that surrounds Claptone. A act that has carved out a definite niche in the house realm, the music of Claptone caters to both sides of the spectrum. Moving from thumping remixes of George Morel to indie favourites Metronomy, Claptone manage to cover a wide range of bases without ever sacrificing that core sound that has endeared them to fans the world over.

Having cultivated a degree of mystique using the widely recognisable golden mask, the name Claptone has been on our radar since the early days of 2012 when club hit Cream struck a chord. Since then smashes like No Eyes featuring Jaw and Wrong have cemented their position as house masters and led to work with bands such as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and RÜFÜS.  The latest in the long line of successful releases was the much lauded United which smashed in at number 1 on the Beatport Deep House chart and once again brought Claptone to the forefront. With a host of new music about to drop there is no better time to catch Claptone in a live setting.

With all the hullabaloo about the forthcoming Halloween Weekender we thought it might be a good idea to get a few brief words straight from the source. Here’s the latest from the mysterious Claptone!

Q) What a year it’s been for Claptone. Give us one highlight that stood out above all else in 2014?

Claptone’s life has been aglow with highlights throughout 2014. I feel a surge of warmth towards the growing crowds and every weekend has been a new high. We know that Ireland is going to surpass it all as you understand the power and connection we all share

Q) Your remix for Metronomy has been making some big waves, is remix work something you enjoy and how was it working with one of the most interesting electronic groups out there at the moment?

When music comes easy from the soul into sound I know that it has been touched by magic. Our kindred spirits at Metronomy allowed for an easy birth and we are happy that it’s already touching people all over the world. This was a special one for me.

Q) We know you have been busy in the studio over the past few months. When can we expect to hear everything and how has your sound been developing?

Always busy and always moving. Claptone hears the spirit on the wind and sometimes it sings to me. This year that song has been stronger and we have been compelled to document its intricate sound. Chapter after chapter have been brought together and next year I hope to release a collection for everyone to enjoy.

Q) You’re no stranger to Dublin with a number of visits over the years, which has been your favourite so far and what can the Irish public expect this weekend at The Button Factory?

The welcome from the Celtic islands has always been strong and filled me with an energy that we share together on the dancefloor. When I return I always feel powerful and I know this next performance will be electric. Autumn is always good to me. The long nights….

Tickets: Halloween Weekender featuring Claptone on Oct 31st and Zed Bias + Woz on Nov 1st




Clouds Curate New Compilation On Turbo

Scottish duo Clouds, made up of Liam Robertson and Calum Macleod, have caught the attention of everyone in the techno scene over the last few years with tracks like ‘Chained To a Dead Camel’, ‘Complete Control’ and ‘Elevator Girl’ to highlight but a few. They’ve release on the likes of Soma, Perc Trax and Firth Wall and are now back on Turbo to curate their first compilation. It’s called ‘…I Care Because You Don’t’ and is out on the legendary label fronted by Tiga.

The result of their efforts is a thoroughly engaging medley of their now well established Scottish hooligan, post-knackered and hard hitting techno. What’s also pretty cool about this is that it was compiled entirely of tracks that they received from friends of theirs ‘in Dundee, Perth, and the surrounding mud-lands’ , which, by any standards, is no mean feat. The album has a huge variety of genres in it, all of which seem to wedge themselves within the techno bracket. One can hear snippets of all sorts, including breaks, acid, cinematic soundscapes or downtempo numbers. The fact that of them are as fast as 146 bpm and others as slow as 107 just gives a rough idea of how diverse this compilation is.

Some will argue that this variety takes away from what could have been, had it been done in one definitive style. Sometimes this is true but in this case, Clouds have pushed the boundaries of techno and in the best possible way. The compilation challenges what it means to be ‘techno’ and should be viewed as protest against what is considered normal.

What’s worth having a little think about is how this compilation shines a light on what Tiga intends for Turbo in the future. The label has been slowly but surely moving away from its more electro and disco(ish) roots over the last few years to ground itself in the techno scene. This has been achieved by releasing tracks from the likes of Audion, TWR72, Gesaffelstein, Phil Kieran and of course Clouds themselves. It’s not certain what lies ahead of them but if their recent releases are anything to go by, they’re heading in the right direction.

The album was out yesterday on Turbo and can be picked up from any of the major outlets. The full album can be streamed below so go give it a listen to make your mind up for yourself.

NTFO Bring The Heat with Porcupai [Objektivity]

Big love for the new NTFO EP! Robert & Dani, two of our favourite Romanians, have had this one in the locker for the last 9 months and it’s finally seen the light of day via Dennis Ferrer’s budding imprint Objektivity. The New York label tends to keep the releases to a minimum ensuring the high standard set remains consistent over time and NTFO’s latest work fits the bill beautifully.

‘Porcupai’ is the lead on the release. It’s a minimal slice a house music, which fuses an ultra-groovy bass-line with a thumping kick drum and some scintillating hi-hats. A guaranteed roof raiser, we’ve got this one on repeat!

Also on the release are ‘Diagram’, a more removed, melodic cut with a sombre atmosphere and tender tech groove, and ‘Retrospective’, the half way track on the EP, deep and tribal with a building energy and drawn-out breakdown. If you’re a fan of the release, you can grab it now on Beatport.

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NTFO – When We Dip 006 by When We Dip on Mixcloud

[Suara 152] Mark Fanciulli – Nostalgia EP

A lovely release is on it’s way from the inimitable Mark Fanciulli on the Suara imprint, as he brings back some old-school flavours with the aptly titled “Nostalgia EP”. Both “Seal Of Approval” and “Detroit What” pay homage to days past, with lovely classic house chords and catchy vocal samples to boot. Included is also a rather tasty remix from label regular Dosem, who puts his unique techy spin on “Seal of Approval”. A solid two thumbs up from us here at WWD!